Videohippos VidEoHippos is kevin "cmd-r" and jim "grgl" , but we are part of a larger group of people who help us out with ideas and content. don't work in isolation. thanks to all who have joined up so far, consciously or not: robocop, moss man, jason/monitor recs, everyone and everything in wham city, wildfire wildfire, our erstwhile screamer/lab rat paul svecywk, patron and law-makerbreaker matt vanek, video and other artz contributorz: kenji atsuka, meredith moore, brian narwhalz, todd triplett, posttypography, justin barnes, d'Metrius rice, matt sutton, jason balicki, gabe martinez, jordan thomsen, billy; vocal inspirators: cizuka seki, lizz king, sam herring, trav and john, ian and reilly, bird names, actual living birds, jordan, george w. bush, skeletor;family: Rich O'Meara, Patsy and Maire, all the Tripletts, O'Mearas and Byrnes. . anyone with something valuable to add can be in this "band."