The Muggabears
The Muggabears The Muggabears are Travis Johnson, Emily Ambruso and Kevin Murphy, three friends in Brooklyn who play a structurally-mutilated brand of noise-pop featuring blissful interplay, sonic experimentation and song destruction.

In 2003, Travis Johnson first recorded under the moniker The Muggabears in Norman, Oklahoma. The 2004 album, Kim Berlin, reveled in colorful guitar textures, off-kilter hooks, and diamond-sharp energy. Moving to New York from Dallas in the winter of 2005, he immediately drafted Emily Ambruso and Kevin Murphy, two other Southern transplants, on bass and drums, respectively.

The Muggabears were reborn with a new mentality regarding the collision of classic melody and musical disturbance and recorded their self-released EP, Teenage Cop, at Headgear Recording (TV on the Radio, Yeah Yeah Yeahs) in the early spring of 2006. Since its release on September 19th, The Muggabears have been playing live consistently to growing audiences. In April 2007, they released a seven song EP, Night Choreography, in which they showcase sounds from broken noise-surf to campfire-seance drone.

Meanwhile, The Muggabears continue to craft new songs with beauty, gloom and irony-free whimsy.