Buxter Hoot'n
Buxter Hoot'n Buxter Hoot'n is beginning its 5th year and releasing its 3rd album in 2011. The band, whose name references a baroque era composer as well as family folklore, has created its finest and most mature album to date. The band's Americana roots, Rolling Stones swagger, pop sensibilities and truthful lyricism are all on display. The album is self-titled, Buxter Hoot'n, because it is an uncompromising look into the sound and spirit of the young band at a creative peak. "I always love to hear a band grow, and Buxter Hoot'n has done it here. This is a great album."-David Avery Powderfinger

Buxter Hoot'n's wide array of sounds stretch from haunting violin and banjo, to Allman Brothers style electric rockers, to psychedelia and even stripped down fingerpickers. "This band defies all genres. Hot, high energy and full of soul, they will grab your guts by the throat, wrangle em' down and while doing it put a grin on your face wider than any desert sky."-Songbird Festival

The band had its start in South Bend, Indiana, where brothers, Vince and Jimmy Dewald, grew up and began playing music. The brothers were raised on American Folk, Blues and Rock & Roll music and they began writing and playing their own music in high school. In 2003 they left the Midwest and took a musical pilgrimage that landed them in San Francisco. After meeting fellow pilgrims and east coast transplants, Ben Andrews(violin and guitar), Jeremy Shanok(drums) and Melissa Merrill(vocals) the band was formed in 2006. This is a band that harkens back to the San Francisco days of old; they live together, they work together, they play together. This assuredly has helped lead to the bands tight knit familial sound and intricate musical arrangements.

Known for their lyrics as much as for their musicality, Vince Dewald and Melissa Merrill deliver blues-soaked vocals on songs tackling topics from the U.S. prison system to love in modern times, with messages coming through in the direct poetic tradition of songwriters like Bob Dylan and Townes Van Zandt. They have been called "one of the great American bands of today" by Relix Magazine and "the future of San Francisco's songwriting scene."-SF Bay Guardian Their 2010 album, In Another Life, debuted as the #5 most added album for the Americana Music Association and in November it reached #8 in the Jambands.com radio chart where it was in the top 10 for 3 consecutive months.