The Shackeltons
The Shackeltons Imagine a band -- A band that exudes musical creativity and power by using elements to convey a grand story. A story of a man whose heart and body is breaking. His love is lost in the Great Chicago Fire, and he's longing to have her back in his arms even if it means running through the smoldering avenues and alleys where he and his dearest once shared their love. Now imagine a stage strung with a warm glow of white Christmas lights, littered with flowers of all kinds. Picture if you will, this band. This band is called The Shackeltons. They have amazed and inspired the audiences they've performed for with their story of lost love and new hope, and their artistic abilities. Life and love is a battle -- one in which The Shackeltons are prepared to win, so it seems only natural to dress for battle. The Shackeltons are dressed in uniforms once worn by men fighting wars with guns and grenades, but The Shackeltons are fighting a different battle. This battle is not to destroy, but to rebuild. Rebuild that which has been destroyed in everyone: hope, love, compassion, and optimism. "I'd rather see your soft heart then see your soft skin". "The robots purr like my favorite kittens and I'm forced to love them even though it's with you, who I'm smitten". "I've been away for so long that I've forgotten what love really is, so come on baby- show me what I missed". "My heart is more than these repeated beats, and home is more than these rented bricks, and my love is more than these repeated cries for some silk smooth skin and some dark brown eyes".