Mammatus There is a town named Corralitos in the southern corner of Santa Cruz county that boasts the world's greatest sausage company as its only establishment of note. These sausages as well as the wealth of natural beauty found in the surrounding mountains, trees, rocks, and pristine valleys fuel the minds and bodies of four local dudes who call themselves Mammatus. Taking their name from the heaviest cloud found on our home planet, Mammatus harness instruments and amplifiers with the brave intent of transforming the natural beauty and massive fury that lies in the earth into acoustic energy. Using crude, self taught methods of instrumentation, they bang away for long periods of time employing ridiculously heavy riffs paired with harrowing widdly wah your face off guitar wankery, brain bending electric noodling, and ogre-esque drum bashing. Faintly through the haze a tale is told, the tale that never ends, of wizards and dragons, of swords and trees and mountains and fire. Of earth. Mammatus formed in the beginning of 2005 and played their first show at the Silent Planet in Corralitos on March 20. Since then they have played extensively in living rooms and dive bars in Santa Cruz, opened for more reputable bands in San Francisco, and toured the United States twice scraping for change. Along the way their performances have left many a dude and dudette with sore necks. In the spring of 2005 with no money and no label Mammatus recorded four songs in their makeshift garage studio using some cheapo computer junk. After jamming everything live, laying down some solos and vocals, and running everything back through the amps in the reverberant room multiple times, they came out with some righteous tunes clocking in at just under an hour. The Hawkwindy whoopdiedoos, Sabbathy riffering, and Sleepy feedback drones attracted the attention of Holy Mountain Records in San Francisco and Rocket Records in the UK, who both released their self titled debut album on March 28, 2006. The artwork was done by the mighty Arik Moonhawk Roper, who also provided covers for such mighty bands as Sleep and High on Fire.

In the late summer of 2006 Mammatus returned from a very exciting US tour with their ultimate bros and label mates Residual Echoes. Eager to return to the ocean with which they share a spiritual kinship, they spent the remaining months of summer boogie boarding and finding secret spots along the coast to sit and think in. With the overwhelming majesty of the sea fresh in their minds, Mammatus began slowly tracking another album in their home studio, the Silent Planet. Wishing to explore more complex, dare we say progressive arrangements, the four songs that came out of these sessions left four minds almost completely drained yet excited and fresh. They emerged with “The Coast Explodes,” an homage to God’s mighty ocean, ripe with thick swirling riffs, uptempo sonic freakouts, harmonious soundscapes and even an acoustic guitar and flute campfire jam. Lyrically, Mammatus continue to explore the ongoing battle between light and darkness, and they continue the battle saga that began in their first album with “Dragon of the Deep Part Three.” With The Coast Explodes, the overall feeling and message these four dudes wish to convey is that they love the earth, they love to rock, they feel it to their core, and most of all they want each and every person that hears their music to feel it as well.