Goddess Alchemy Project
Goddess Alchemy Project We are a collective devoted to igniting evolution.

Our essence is born from the wondrous salty waters of the vesica pisces, the potent creative force of the feminine which created the universe, and in turn everything in it. The Goddess Alchemy Project is a living entity, evolving as we do with each beat and breath.

Our purpose is to BE vessels for the truth and undeniable beauty that is our Great Mother, giver of life...she who holds us in her invincible embrace through this all encompassing experience of existing.

Our intention is to ignite she/volution, through revival of the true ancient arts of alchemy, and survival of our comm/unity through cultivation, celebration, and integration.

Our inspiration lives within the depths and heights of our infinite potential, and the urgency to realize it collectively.

“Kindled by the untamable flames of women's creative powers, I enchant, I see visions, I prophesy, I prepare to make miracles.” -Sonia Johnson, Wildfire

We invite you to join this sacred movement of spirit, as we support one another in an alliance of art, alchemy, and collective creation.