ELM (Electric Love Machine)
ELM (Electric Love Machine) ELM (formerly Segway) is a Baltimore based quartet that combines Electronica, Dance, Rock, Soul, and Funk into an incomparable, high energy live music experience. The band has gone through a number of lineup changes since it’s inception in 2006.

The heartbeat of ELM is drummer, Steve Gorsuch, who lays down relentless dance beats on a traditional kit peppered with polyrhythms and electro-glitches on Electronic drum pads.

Locking in on those beats with surgical precision on the bass is Colin Rappa. He has a Jazz background and plays tight, melodic bass lines that are grounded in unreality.

On piano, synth and backing vocals is Jon Brady. Tron’s modulating hooks, speed and accuracy are the zenith of ELM’s sound.

Rounding out the quartet on guitar and vocals is Jon Wood. Jon has a versatile vocal range and has a unique guitar playing style that includes solid rhythm playing, melodic interplay, and searing leads.

In addition to their original compositions and face melting jams, they like to play popular and classic tunes by other artists like David Bowie, Talking Heads, Daft Punk and many others.

Props must go to the band’s stellar management team, who have been infinitely accommodating, supportive, flexible, and good looking.

ELM is eternally grateful for all the support they have received from family, friends and fans, and collectively intend to help this community flourish and grow and break down barriers in music, art and life.