Alpha Rev
Alpha Rev Alpha Rev is possibly the most refreshing thing on the music scene in years. Self-described as a mixture of "Beethoven and Buckley with British sensibility and American rock," their sound is like picking all of the good parts off of your favorite CDs and blending them to create something even Willy Wonka couldn't fathom. But let's not sugarcoat it. Beyond refreshing, what Alpha Rev brings is realness, a realness reminiscent upon such groundbreakers like Led Zeppelin, The Stones, Radiohead and other greats who made you say out loud in your car, "Yeah man, I feel you." ATX magazine called Alpha Rev “easily the most accomplished and polished artist that the Heart of Texas has to offer, offering something unique to many bands these days.” Truly, their sound can only be compared, not described, and is something like that first rollercoaster ride, an experience only for yourself.