Just Surrender
Just Surrender It’s the sound of your first reckless road trip – your friends packed tight and looking for the first hint of excitement they can find. It’s the sound of a party you only wish you could attend. It’s like teenage rebellion, or that perfect sarcastic remark, or the first time you feel love – but had to question it. Enter 4 piece band, Just Surrender, a feeling for every moment, a play by play if you will--a soundtrack for your life AND the person sitting next to you. With the release of the band's sophomore album, the guys in Just Surrender are sounding like seasoned professionals. With the addition of a new guitarist, the production quality of a major touring group, and innovative, scene-changing melodies that most bands strive for but never produce, Just Surrender's “We're in Like Sin” promises to shake the dance floor and pump the fists of fans worldwide. Coming off their first album, “If These Streets Could Talk,” Just Surrender hit the asphalt with a relentless series of tours and major showcases that began to solidify their position as one of pop-punk's elite tastemakers. Two years and nearly three tour vans later, the group underwent a serious change – the loss of their lead guitarist. Nevertheless, they managed to hire a new face and fresh talent, former Park guitarist, Alex Haycraft. Together, Jay Maffucci, Dan Simons, Steve Miller, and Alex Haycraft have formed a tightly knit team bent on dominating the big New York rock scene – and ultimately much more. While their roots are dug deeply into the backdrop of small-town New York, Just Surrender's sound is the product of an urban dance-theme meshed with classic harmony and scorching vocals. The result is a catchiness that is both hot and cool, tight yet spontaneous. On stage, they are a force like none other – dueling vocals alongside stomping percussion and scathing guitar. In the studio, the songs they create, like the new "Body Language and Bad Habits" and "Your Life and Mine," envelop any soundscape with an unheard, unique presence. It's the sound of change, and Just Surrender is pleased to cross any boundary to initiate a gutsy, new, phantom sound. Just Surrender has already scratched the surface of the pop circuit – that much is certain. But with their massive grassroots base and their genuine appreciation for their fans, the group plans on building on their notoriety the old-fashioned way – through unchecked talent and a dominant ambition. Although the average age in the band is just below New York's legal drinking age, they don't seem to show it by their songs and live show. Easy guys, you'll get there.