The Family Dawgs
The Family Dawgs We came together on march 24th,2007 @ the German House Theater in Rochester, NY for the 42nd anniversary of the Acid Test. Scotty formed the GD players together because he couldnt get any of the bands that he had wanted to play that evening. They were all missing 1 or 2 guys and just couldnt play. So he picked out the players he wanted from 6 bands to play for one show not realizing how beautiful it would be or did he? While playing that night we all could see what was was clear as day. It was magic, the kind you can not create but just IS , the left over Love from the GD scene was there in our hearts and minds......we had crossed the musical line and were just getting started. We were a solid band that night and a damn good one could see the energy being created by our music and the people dancing,grooving to the beat. Honestly it seemed so natural it was hard to believe we had never played together or even practiced for that matter. The show was a great time and when it was all over no one had said hey lets make this a band, lets do this again! Well we were all high and no one was being greedy you know looking for more. So a few days pasted and it really started to sink in....that was really good I thought to myself, We need to do this more often! So we started weaving some magic and feeling around into the guys heads abit and it seemed there was an interest in TFD's after all? Thats all we needed was alittle hope and Now we "running like hell" with our new project.