Pink Nasty
Pink Nasty Pink Nasty aka Sara Beck introduces her own brand of neurotic pop rock on her sophomore release Mold The Gold. The 24-year old Wichita, Kansas native co-wrote the CD with her shock rapper brother Black Nasty, and the hooks and lyrics are as tight, poignant and dysfunctional as the bond between the colorful brother and sister duo. Mold The Gold was recorded on Paul Oldham’s farm in Kentucky with additional recording at home in Texas and Kansas. The new album takes the bold spiciness of her debut Mule School (which Rolling Stone called a “bold, addictive debut: plenty spicy but with hooks to match.”) but triples the amount of pop hooks and playfully odd arrangements. The album includes the epic suburban-apathy-under-the-looming-threat-of-a-masturbating-serial-killer ballad "BTK Blues", the stunningly dramatic opener "I Don't Know" (complete with reggae breakdown and five Pink Nastys yelping "by by by bye bye bye bye!"), the silly uptempo bubblegum pop of "Take it Back", the ethereal folk beauty of "Golden Smoke", the post coital soul dirge of "Danny", the bombastically spooky title track and the over-the-top album closer "Don't Ever Change", her power duet with Bonnie Prince Billy which received a four out of five star track review on Pitchfork. Since the quiet self release of Mold, Pink Nasty has been asked to open for Smog, Britt Daniel of Spoon, Mark Kozelek, Jana Hunter, Centro-Matic and has shared the stage with Jose Gonzalez, Annie and Wolfmother at a seismic SXSW showcase. Her upcoming April tour will take her over the right side of the country (if you’re facing the map) and will blow doors off hinges and knock off socks, etc. Her live show is fierce and rollicking and very, very good--she cut her teeth playing in the Bonnie Prince Billy band during his legendary “Summer in the Southeast” tour and is prominently featured on the subsequent live album. Pink Nasty is also a member of her brothers hardcore hip hop pop project Black Nasty. She produced his classic LP, “AIDS Cant Stop Me”.