James and The Devil
James and The Devil J & The D performs live year round, touring up, down, and all around the Rocky Mountains. That would now make them a couple years old. The five piece, comes hungry every show, playing a wide range of genre bending sets. The show is delivered on time- blizzards permitting. The boys perform and hold themselves to a high standard and pro-image. J&theD is commonly described as energetic, eclectic, rowdy, and soulful. J&theD plays original music, as well as select covers for your listening pleasure. James and the Devil is a New Classic, a broad spectrum Rock'n'Roll Review that can be summed up as Rocky Mountain -Hip Hop -Fiddle Rock!!

J & The D dropped their much awaited first full-length album Altitude Sickness in May 2011 to massive crowds throughout CO and large music festivals across the country. Their songs are for every demographic, old and young. Their fans are made up of dreamers, drinkers, thinkers, and smokers.

James and The Devil is...
Jim Campbell - Acoustic Guitar, Vocals
Buz Crutchfield - Aux. Percussion, Electric Guitar, Vocals
Adam Carpenter - Bass, Vocals
Dave Ross - Fiddle
Matt Stoner - Drums