Corduroy Jim
Corduroy Jim Hailing from the bay area's San Jose, Ca., Corduroy Jim is the very definition of "American Soul Rock". Using the roots of the singer-songwriter genre, infusing the styles of soul, blues, boogie-funk, deep country, and psychedelic pop, Corduroy Jim is a full musical experience. The band and it's respective members have collectively played hundreds, if not thousands, of shows all over the bay area and throughout the Northern region. If asked to describe the sound of Corduroy Jim, many may have likened them to, "If Pink Floyd played country this is what they might sound like"...or..."Something so familiar you could swear you've heard these guys before, it's right on the tip of your tongue....but it's all so new!".

Corduroy Jim is:

Martin' Rodriguez- Acoustic Guitar & Voacals
Rich Thomas- Electric Guitar
Nick Chargin- Electric Keyboards & Voacals
Michael Palladino- Drums & Vocals
Raymond St. Martin- Percussion
Steve Strom- Bass Guitar