Coldcut Most people come into music, do the same thing for a few years, slowly sink back into obscurity and spend the rest of their life collecting publishing royalties and re-forming for tribute tours. The problem with Coldcut is that, despite their veteran status, they act like two unruly children who just won't sit still.

1987 Say kids, what time is it? - the UKs first sample-built record 1987 Eric B and Rakims Paid in Full (Seven minutes of madness) - redefining the concept of the remix 1988 Whats that noise album released silver in the UK (includes Beats & Pieces, Doctorin' the House (feat. Yazz) & People Hold On (feat. Lisa Stansfield) 1988 People hold on top 10 in UK singles chart 1988 Coldcut start their solid steel show on Kiss FM 1990 Coldcut tour japan with beats international (Norman Cook), and decide to form Ninja Tune record label 1990 BPI Producers Of the Year award 1990 First Ninja Tune releases - by DJ Food and Bogus Order 1991 Second album Some like it cold released 1993 Autumn leaves released 1993 Coldcut & Hex release their Top Banana computer game in which the female hero KT saves the rainforest by shooting hearts at the tractors and businessmen 1994 Hex release 1995 70 Minutes Of Madness Journeys By DJ mix CD released voted the best mix CD of all time in UK magazine Jockey Slut 1996 Stealth club night (Club of the Year in the NME, The Face and Mixmag) 1997 Let us play released with innovative video and games CD-ROM 1999 VJamm (version 1) released (AV software designed by Coldcut and Camart) 2000 Generator audio-visual installation for the Glasgow Gallery Of Modern Art and Synopticon for the JAM, a major exhibit at Londons Barbican 2002 gridio AV installation at Barcelona MACBA, Paris Centre Pompidou, Graz

Musically, they have continued to refine and develop both their skills and their style so that, after a twenty year career at the forefront they can honestly claim that this is their best, most complete album to date, utterly contemporary, as fresh as the day they started. Maybe they've remained masters by remaining unruly schoolchildren. Who knows? All that matters is that the masters are back.