Dreamosaic DREAMOSAIC's mission is to create deeply introspective dance music. Fusing Electro, Funk, Trance, House, Jazz 'N' Bass, Break Beats, Dance Hall and Dub, we weave together music made from all the ages and for all time, with focus on the undeniable power of live drums and percussion. DREAMOSAIC draws from the philosophy the great DJ's and electronica artists of this star system, and using said philosophies we create original, unique and melodic dance music. DREAMOSAIC's purpose is to play and listen together, intently illustrating the moment in which we all exist. DREAMOSAIC is the collaboration and creation of Justin Wiley (Keyboards/Vocals/Programming) and Joshua Francis (Drums/Percussion/Programming). With the addition of Andrew Patterson(Bass), Bruce Wild(Guitar) and Derrick Ramos(Saxophones), we are further able to transcend the laws of space and time and create music that is incredibly funky, uplifting and transformational. The creation of dance party grooves is our specialty, and every show is a truly unique experience for both the audience and the performers. We have much love and music to share.

The members:

Justin Wiley(Keys/Vocals/Programming)--Josh Francis(Drums/Programming)--Andrew Patterson(Bass/Bass Synth)--Bruce Wild(Guitar)--Derrick Ramos(Sax)