Katie Herzig
Katie Herzig From even the first note of a Katie Herzig tune, you know you've stumbled into something special. She just has a way with a song. Maybe it's the way she juxtaposes lyrical playfulness and whimsy with incredibly thoughtful depth and emotion. Maybe it's her stunning, delicately powerful voice. Maybe it's the sonic landscape that pulls from every direction. Doesn't really matter. The captivating effect is in full force.

Katie began her career while in college as the lead singer for Boulder-based Newcomers Home. That experience lasted for eight years and took her all across the US. The band released four solid CDs that sold some 15,000 copies and built them a loyal fan base. Not bad for a bunch of Colorado upstarts.

From that foundation, Katie set fully out on her own blazing the path with her 2005 solo debut Watch Them Fall. Produced with Chris Coleman, it's chock full of tender acoustic renderings that reveal the emotional inner-workings of a seeker of truth and love.

Not wasting any momentum or time, Katie moved to Nashville in 2006 and offered up Weightless which was self-recorded/produced and mixed by Gary Paczosa (Grammy-winning engineer/producer for Alison Krauss, Mindy Smith, and Nickel Creek). From the delightful romps that kick it off to the mesmerizing heart aches that slip in toward the end, it's a powerful journey that must be taken. If 'Diamond Ring' doesn't haunt you for days, you better check your pulse. You might actually be dead.

In support of Weightless, Katie has opened shows for The Fray and many others, while also making time for the PASTE Songwriters tour with Jeremy Lister, Sandra McCracken, and Matthew Perryman Jones. To take matters even further, Katie’s song “Heaven’s My Home” was nominated for a 2007 Grammy for Best Country Performance by the Duhks. She has also had TV placements on various shows including "Grey's Anatomy," "Smallville" and “ER.”

Wondering who her influences are? You just have to listen, for Katie's style begs a definition of its own.