The Audition
The Audition How many times have you heard the words "next big thing"? Well, The AUDITION is it. The AUDITION isn’t your average, mediocre rock band, they are a downright addictive dance-rock-pop-punk band from Chicago, IL, who is ready to give the Chicago scene a much needed jolt. Like their contemporaries in bands like Fall Out Boy, Alkaline Trio and Spitalfield, The AUDITION sings songs full of melody and catchy choruses that evoke dancing and singing along from even the most jaded of listeners. Their Victory Records debut album, Controversy Loves Company, is full of infectious songs that are upbeat and heartfelt. This is the band and the album that will finally reinvent the phrase "pop punk." The AUDITION is here to take the scene to the next level. Believe the hype!