Leroy Powell
Leroy Powell Who the Hell is Leroy Anyway?

Well, chances are that you’re here ‘cause you already kinda know the who, from seeing me out and about, playing shows with my band, maybe you saw my videos on YouTube, or maybe you caught me on tour with Shooter; but you might still be working on the what and the how. So maybe I can give you some o’ that here…

Ok, let’s start again: I’m Leroy. Nice to meet ya. I’m a country singer and guitar player from Redlands, CA… I write and record my own stuff, which has a sound that blends old-time country music with traditional blues. And I throw in a bit of old school funk and rock. I’ve been doing this for as long as I can remember.

My music’s honest, and sometimes honesty lands you in some outlaw-ish kinds of places. I tell it like it is.

I’ve been having myself one wild ride the last couple years. First off, I recorded my 11 song self-titled debut album, which was accomapnied by a video for Keep the Diamond, co-directed by Gina Gershon and Robin Davey.

I’ve recorded three records with Shooter Jennings and have been touring in support of those records. I shared the stage with the likes of Willie Nelson, Hank Jr, David Allan Coe and Lynyrd Skynyrd. I was also really excited to get to lend guitar work to the upcoming posthumous Waylon Jennings record. My song Busted in Baylor County, co-written with Shooter, landed in the Dukes of Hazzard movie. Funny, living it landed me in jail for a day but writing about it landed the song in a movie. Oh yeah, I also produced some tracks on the upcoming Gina Gershon album. Crazy times.

I’ve recorded 2 of my own records this year, including the self-titled debut record I mentioned earlier-- which is available right here on my site-- and an upcoming, not-yet-titled record that I think you’re gonna really dig. Got the old band back together: my brother, Chris “Tugboat” Powell on drums & old friend Slade McCombs, the original Ugly Bass Player from Santa Cruz CA. Slade, Chris and I have been playing and recording together for over 10 years. And recently I added Jason “Rowdy J” Cope from Black Mountain NC to help me create "guitarmageddon."