Mighty Wheelhouse
Mighty Wheelhouse Wheelhouse is a five piece Americana/Bluegrass/Country/Rock band, based out of Madison, WI. The band was formed in early 2013, comprised of members from two regionally popular groups in the midwest: The Mighty Short Bus (Frank Busch, Nic Adamany, Joel Brantmeier), and The Lucas Cates Band (Kenny Leiser, Mark Noxon). 2013 saw the band play more than 220+ shows in 15 states, along with the release of their debut record, "The Comeback". With 3 part harmonies, dual lead players on guitar and fiddle, and a world class rhythm section, this band must be experienced live. Look for the band all over the U.S in 2014, and for more new music soon. If Mighty WheelHouse isn't playing a show, they are in the studio writing and recording!