Muck Sticky
Muck Sticky Have you ever wanted to live your life like everyday is a special occasion? Muck Sticky does. And the music of Muck Sticky is intended to help you do so as well. Muck, Momma, Cookie, Wood, Kraven and Furley are on a mission to change the negative vibe that is so present in popular music today to a positive, happy vibe. This exciting and magical tribe of miscreants will fascinate you with their life-changing music and exhilarating presence.

"We all have the choice to be happy. Our music makes people happy. It's that simple! And laughter is vitally important to your well being. I feel my purpose is to share the joy of laughter with everybody and, as long as no one gets hurt, I can say anything that makes people laugh. I know in my soul that I am fulfilling my purpose on this earth." says Muck.

The journey to becoming a well-respected entertainer has led him down many interesting paths. Known for his random surprises and breathtaking showmanship, Muck considers life itself to be a performance and is swiftly taking over as the most outrageous musical act there is.

"Some people know exactly what they want out of life. I am one of those people. You can spend your whole life going down the same road that everyone else does, or you can make your own road and have it go the way you want it to."

So take Muck Sticky's advice. Be yourself. Say whatever makes you giggle. Join the revolution that is sweeping the world. Join the Muck Sticky revolution. ToOoDeLoOo