Mustard Plug
Mustard Plug Sometimes the mark of a true artist is perseverance through misfortune. Van Gogh struggled through depression. Mies van der Rohe had to escape Nazi Germany. Cher had to endure Sonny.

Mustard Plug has outlasted countless lineup changes and an evaporation of the Ska scene. But a true love for Ska Punk music has forced them to stay true to their sound. When every Ska band went emo, Mustard Plug held out. When the remaining Ska bands broke up, Mustard Plug released a CD and went on tour. In the face of adversity, Mustard Plug only strengthened their resolve.

In 2004, MP singer Dave Kirchgessner helped breathe new life into the Ska scene by organizing the “Ska Is Dead” Tour. This all-Ska package tour created a resurgence of Ska and has drawn huge crowds across America and Canada.

To commemorate their heart, dedication and monumental musical achievements, Mustard Plug will release a compilation of their most acclaimed works entitled, “Masterpieces: 1991 – 2002.” A visceral and illuminating journey, this CD highlights Mustard Plug gems from before, during and after the Third Wave Ska craze. (Listen to sampler mp3).

The band's debut full-length album - "Big Daddy Multitude," which first put them in a national spotlight (albeit a fairly dim one) - came out in 1993 on seminal Ska-label Moon Records and was followed by 4 years of non-stop touring throughout the United States. In 1997, the band released its break-through album "Evildoers Beware." An influential album released just prior to the frenzied peak of the American mainstream acceptance of Ska Punk, “Evildoers Beware” received an overwhelming response from fans and sold more than 70,000 copies, an amazing figure for a then-infantile independent punk label Hopeless Records. For "Pray for Mojo," the follow-up to "Evildoers Beware," the band returned to the production team of legendary punk duo, Bill Stevenson and Stephen Egerton (Descendents, All) who's hand helped show off the band's evolving songwriting while keeping the Mustard Plug ball steadily rolling along. In 2002 Mustard Plug released the self-produced CD, “Yellow #5” which continued the band’s evolution of its trademark Ska Punk sound.

On September 6, 2005, Hopeless Records will release “Masterpieces: 1991-2002.” After 14 years, 5 LPs, 200,000 albums sold and more than 1,200 shows, Mustard Plug is still going strong.