The Mumlers
The Mumlers Our first album, Thickets & Stitches, is coming out February 12th on the Galaxia label. In addition to the seven Mumlers there are also contributions from the Legendary Stardust Cowboy and Sarah Jo Zaharako of Gojogo. Lori Damiano did some lovely artwork for the cover and Jerry Hsu let us use a photo he took for the inside. We’ll be playing lots of shows around the time the record comes out... Here are some kind things people have written about the record:

“The folks in The Mumlers have a nice, loose sound that is not unlike some of The Kinks' country-influenced recordings from the 1970s. But to make matters even more interesting, the members of the band also seem to have been influenced to some degree by early blues and jazz artists (the vocals are particularly reminiscent of female blues and jazz singers from the 1940s)... decidedly out-of-line with what is currently selling in the world of crappy commercial pop.”

“Folk music has seen legends come and go, and the Mumlers honor their forebears’ art by building a vastly creative collection of forward looking songs on the sure foundation of the past.”

“…listening to the Bay Area ensemble’s debut album feel[s] a bit like ghost hunting in a place you’d least expect to drum up long forgotten spirits.”

“…the Mumlers manage to pull of a complex and funky barrage of riffs and syncopation that hangs together loosely.” -San Jose Metro

“Not many artists can shoot off their musical career with such a bold creativity and be taken seriously, or be seriously good. The Mumlers have created an album, Thickets and Stitches, that have done just that.”

“The shambling, shuffling sound of The Mumlers is unique as all get out.”

“…the seven-man band (complete with French horn, stand-up bass, organs and more) creates a lazy, sunny, brassy, funky, Tom-Waits-meets-Bob-Dylan-under-a-circus-tent-atmosphere that might find its way into either a Wes Anderson or David Lynch soundtrack with equal ease.” -Slap Magazine

“If an album could be described as having an old soul, The Mumlers’ Thickets & Stitches would be under that category.” -Feminist Review

“During the course of a single composition on The Mumlers’ debut Thickets & Stitches a lot can happen: French horns wander in and out, pianos roll by out of nowhere, acoustic guitars start and stop, Middle Eastern rhythms snake through and accordions make unannounced cameos. Hailing from San Jose, California, this seven-member collective are one of the most charming bands around.”