Crazy Legs
Crazy Legs Crazy Legs is Matt Musgrove (bass), Dan McGrath (drums) & Jason Elrod (guitar/vox). Crazy Legs was formed in Cincinnati, OH, around eight years ago. Early influences came from the sounds of reggae/rock groups such as Sublime, Rage Against The Machine, Bob Marley, Shootyz Groove, and The Urge.

After playing mostly small parties and Clifton bars from time to time, Crazy Legs took a break from songwriting for a couple years and focused on refining their sound.

After a long break, their music took a different shape. New influences on Crazy Legs have changed their sound drastically. While the largest influence on Crazy Legs is Primus, scores of other artists have had a significant impact on this trio's sound, including: The Mars Volta, Grateful Dead, Medeski Martin & Wood, Rush, Blind Melon, Yes, King Crimson, Ween, Frank Zappa, Miles Davis and countless others. To understand what The Legs are all about, you must catch a live show.