Chick Pimp, Coke Dealer at a Bar
Chick Pimp, Coke Dealer at a Bar Chick Pimp, Coke Dealer at a Bar is the collaborative musical compositions of singer/songwriter Nick Mitchell and drummer/laptop-guru DJ Stump. Electronica, jazz, hip-hop, and folk influences lay the groundwork for what the UC News Record has dubbed "an improvisational frenzy". The band has been voted the Cincinnati Entertainment Award for "Best Electronic/Experimental" artist in both 2008 and 2009. Their debut album "Bofa Deez" was listed as one of CityBeat's top albums of 2008. Their sophomore release "The People Vs. Lemoncello" received the same honor in 2009. The band is currently in the studio recording their third album "Escape From Whosbekistan" with engineer Chris Schmidt.

CityBeat's Mike Breen says, "The People Vs. Lemoncello is all over the place, experimental by nature, but also joyful and playful. Throughout the record, the band sounds like a straight-ahead Jazz band, a Free Jazz band, Beck, They Might Be Giants, aliens, Jethro Tull, an Alt Hip Hop crew, Zappa on a laptop, a Bluegrass band, Soul Coughing … and that’s just scratching the proverbial surface. Over the course of 10 songs, Chick Pimp creates a mad collage of visceral sounds, like a mash-up band that doesn’t rely on other people’s music."

"Bofa Deez has become an odd artifact for Chick Pimp's fans, who miss hearing the album's songs live. And it's easy to see why. Bofa Deez is a mad sonic collage comprised of any number of disparate sources, resulting in a style that could be described as Middle European Hillbilly Hip Hop Electronic Jazz Prog Fusion," says CityBeat's Brian Baker.

"More of a stream-of-consciousness sonic experiment than a Jam Band, these guys are heavy on the Euro-Jazz and light on the string-plunking. Nick Mitchell takes the slanted keyboard wizardry and slice-n-dice compositional prowess that was so much of the attraction of his last project (The Terrors) and lets it off the leash. They're groove monsters but more menacing than danceable. Mitchell is also the main man behind the annual Adjust Your Eyes music and art festival. You'll Dig It If You Dig: Beck channeling Frank Zappa, Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey, Hillbilly Mars Volta." - Ezra Waller, CityBeat