The Pinker Tones
The Pinker Tones In June of 2001, Professor Manso and Mister Fury met three times on three consecutive days on Carrer Pamplona in Poblenou, Barcelona. They hadn't seen each other since University, and quickly work out that they live less than 500 metres apart. On the fourth day, Mister Fury receives a call, asking him to compose the music for a TV series "Once Upon a Time in Europe". Furia calls Manso, and the digital production skills of the Profesor and the analogic sympathies of the Senor are united for the first time.

During the production, The Pinker Tones spend some time with Christopher Lee, who is narrating the programme. Encouraged by his enthusiasm for the music, which he insists in his trademark thick baritone is surely part of their artistic future, The Pinker Tones are born and Mr Lee learns where to buy the best chipironess and prawns.From the first day, The Pinker Tones sessions release locked up energy and potential, causing our heroes to work like crazy, producing the songs and remixes that will become their debut collection PINK CONNECTION and the maxi singles Mais Pourquoi? and One of Them.

The tracks are released by a small local label, but quickly come to international attention thanks to the incredible video for Mais Pourquoi, which spends 19 weeks on the MTV Dance Chart. The band are snapped up by UK based Outstanding Records, who re-issue Pink Connection with the international title BCN CONNECTION, and quickly move to open up the world to the Pinker Tones sound, signing licences across the world which sees the record released from Japan to Mexico.

Whilst the album travels around the world, the band produce several albums and singles of national and international groups (Bondage, ExMundus, Veldt, David Devant & His Spirit Wife), compose a pair of sound tracks (Sincopat and Survival Train) and dedicate a part of their time to experiment with remixes (Carrots, Alessandroni, Ufo, Capri, Klaus Esser, etc.). They leave the centre of Barcelona and establish Pinkerland 3.0. in the mountains overlooking the city, and begin work on the album that will pass all expectations and hoist them on to the world stage: THE MILLION COLOUR REVOLUTION. Released as a joint venture between Outstanding and their own Pinkerland Records impront, TMCR quickly conquers more than forty countries, including France, Germany, Italy, Holland, Belgium, Luxembourg, Japan, Korea, EE.UU., Canada, Puerto Rico, Argentina, Uruguay, Chile, Colombia and Venezuela. The band realise they need a live show, and recruit DJ Nino to create a hybrid: The intensity of a rock band with the electronic dynamics of the DJ.

Festivals topple before the mash up, with Sonar and Bestival early victims before BAM concludes with a hometown appearance in front of 30,000 rain soaked devotees.The world touring starts, China, Russia, South Africa, UK, and a love/love relationship develops with Los Angeles, particularly Hollywood who snap up the band's soundtrack anthems for programmes such as Ugly Betty and Entourage, films Mujer de mi Hermano and Efectos Secondarios, and games like FIFA ' 07 and FORZA 2. Whole page reviews in The New York Times and The Washington Post confirm their arrival, and choose THE MILLION COLOUR REVOLUTION as 6th best album of 2006.

Somewhere in the middle of all the madness, Manso and Furia find time to collaborate with Kinky, Nortec Collective, Torpedo Boyz, Submarines, MiS and many others to create the double album of remixes MORE COLOURS, reinterpretations and remixes of TMCR done by various artists and the band themselves. Videos win awards (Karma Hunters wins two - both a LAUS and the Festival of Cinema Malaga), the tour goes to places that aren't even on the map (Moldova? Kazan?), and the band starts work on the follow up.WILD ANIMALS is released in April 2008 and immediately displaces Radiohead's In Rainbows at the top of the eMusic chart. The Pinker Tones then briefly stop to headline Sonar in front of 20,000 people before undertaking the longest tour of the USA ever staged by a Spanish group, touching down in 45 cities in 54 days as part of the VANS WARPED TOUR 2008.As a result of the tour, TPT songs pop up in Nick and Norah' s Infinite Playlist and Beverly Hills Chihuahua. Nike asks the band to compose a special song for the Human Race, and TPT headline the event in Madrid in front of 11,000 runners. On the tour bus in America they are contacted by publicist and writer Risto Mejide, who convinces them to they produce the debut disc of his OT protege, Virginia Maestro.

The project is called Labuat and sees the light of day in February of 2009, with tracks partly composed by the band. The following month, the Spanish music industry decides to recognise the hardest working band in national music with a Premios de la Musica for best electronic track S.E.X.Y. R.O.B.O.T.They dedicate the second half of 2009 to producing the group Delafé y Las Flores Azules' third album, in the brand new studio, Pinkerland 4.0 (also located in the Sierra de Collserola).Around the same time Pinkerland Films is born, the multimedia division of Pinkerland Records, which launches with the first app by a group in Spain for iPhone and iPod Touch.Immediately after this the band begins a weekly video podcast, which goes in and out of the iTunes Spain Top 10 from its very first episode.In the last year, TPT has also remixed artists like The Beastie Boys, Tom Tom Club, Eric Bobo (Cypress Hill), Salvador Santana Band, Josh Rouse, Kinky, Plastilina Mosh and DePedro.In June 2010 they release a new album, MODULAR, in Spain and the US. The drummer Robert Giabaqui joins them for the tour as well as recording drums for the album.The album is presented at festivals like SóNAR (Barcelona), FIB (Benicassim) o VIVE LATINO (Mexico DF) and the band heads off to the US for a further three-week tour.In December of the same year the band release an online Christmas EP featuring 4 tracks which is called CHRISTMAS IN FOUR MOODS.At the start of 2011 the band are approached by the Joan Miro Foundation and invited to participate in the exhibition GENIUS LOCI.The band decide to conceptually recreate the track Sampleame (Sample me) which talks about one of the great artistic disciplines of the 21st century, sampling.The exhibition has impressive media coverage, as it also involves well-known bands from the Barcelona music scene like Mishima, Manos de Topo, Standstill and Els Amics de les Arts.Also at the beginning of the year, in the midst of celebrating 10 years as a band, TPT move to Gracia, neighbourhood of Barcelona, where Pinkerland 5.0 is now located.

In the summer of the same year the compilation THE SINGLES 2001-2011 is released, which includes all their greatest hits, as well as the tribute album AMIGOS & FRIENDS that features both national and international bands playing covers from the group's extensive discography.The album includes covers by Miqui Puig, Cathy Claret & Esteban Garcia, Delafé y Las Flores Azules & Carlos Jean, Zahara, Virigina Labuat & Matias Sorokin y Max Miglin, Pecker, Tom Tom Club, Ovni, Maika Makovski, Love of Lesbian, Ayala, Brazzaville, Shuarma, Ritmo Machine (Eric Bobo & Latin Bitman), Gentle Music Men, Depedro, Juzz Ubach & Morti and Berto Romero.In the Spring they win the European battle of the bands competition organised by Nissan. And the MODULAR tour comes to an exciting end in a packed Sant Jaume Square (Barcelona) during the La Mercè 2011 Festival. In November 2011 the band's music video for "Tokyo" from the album MODULAR wins the FIVECC award for best video at the Festival de cine de Alicante. The video was produced and made by the production company Rollout.