Mason Blake
Mason Blake South Dakota born, Berkeley based singer-songwriter Mason Blake will make you nostalgic for the mid-west upbringing you never had.

No, really.

Earnest lyrics are the stuff of folk music, but Blake's unassuming charm is something which could have only been cultivated in the heartland.

"We didn't get a lot of big headliners coming through Custer, South Dakota," says Blake. "My influences were what my family played on the stereo (Conway Twitty, Randy Travis, The Beatles, The Eagles, Zepplin, Metallica, The Chili Peppers) and what my friends and I created for ourselves."

What he and his friends created for themselves was a sound that was equal parts hard-hitting and heart-breaking. A fun mixture of folk, rock and jazz that can make you dance or just simply watch in awe.

It's an aesthetic he carries over into his debut solo album, Where I Belong. One reviewer noted that Mason has "... incredibly strong songwriting, vocal, and guitar work. He is clearly a natural..."