The Cribs
The Cribs As Christmas descended upon 2003, a cock sure triumvirate emerged blinking out the mist that engulfed their native homeland...The Cribs armed with nothing less than 100% confidence and an armful of songs partnered with a more than healthy disdain of most of the music being made by their contemporaries hit the road running.

The band criss crossed the ubiquitous small town tour itinerary...several times, before hitching up with Wichita Recordings to quench their thirst - sometimes more than literally as anyone who witnessed early shows can verify. The Cribs polarized opinions, those who loved em did so with reverence bordering on infatuation whilst others simply thought "this year's new band" and waited for the trip.

Early on in the life of The Cribs, the band made lightning strikes on the capital with hotly anticipated live shows as well as being part of the original guerrilla gig set although as Gary Crib noted "We did those gigs purely because it seemed a natural progression form our scheduled shows, we weren't getting paid much for playing and we'd turn up and play somewhere for free and we'd get fed and watered." The band were an important part of that burgeoning scene along side the likes of The Libertines, Razorlight and The Others before it all imploded and shit hit the proverbial fan.

Pundits and punters alike clasped the band to their heart and hi-fi's and were rewarded with the release of the band's debut album - the rather niftily titled "The Cribs" - which saw the Wakefield trio impart their own take on Britain's early noughties fascination with all things noo wave, post punk, The Cribs encapsulated both sides of the coin.

Chapter two in the bothers Jarman family album ,bursts in with the release of their recent Top 30 UK single "Hey Scenesters" - loosely based on their own experiences of people blagging their way to COOL - and the new album "The New Fellas." Witnessed recently on fellow Tykes Kaiser Chiefs UK tour, saw a new musically streamlined band laden with pop nous and "have a good time" written all over "em a perfect antidote to the mundane pop of recent years. "The New Fellas" underlaid with pop sensibility and the band's endearing rock "n' roll ethic brings on a new dawn from the infectious strains and musical swagger of "Martell" ... WHOA WHOA! hand in hand with forthcoming single "Mirror Kisses" which if live performances are anything to go by has HIT written all over it.

Spring 2005 with European shows supporting Bloc Party and Kaiser Chiefs in the bag, The Cribs announce a series of headline shows as well being confirmed on the upcoming NME / Rizla tour in the UK. While on US soil, The Cribs will continue the run of show with The Kaiser Chiefs and aim for the stars on their second release on Wichita US. A good start is under way with recent shows at SXSW in Austin and a well place Scenesters track on a recent episode of The OC.