Alison Lewis
Alison Lewis Alison Lewis is a singer and songstress out of Detroit, Michigan. Right now, while living life and working hard in Chicago, she has recorded something brand new. Hum her 5th album, and second solo album. Released in September 2006, Alison shines brighter than ever - a woman aglow and in her prime. She is focusing on the basics- stripping it down to the good wood. With well-crafted lyrics and raw, clean melody, Alison Lewis is not only well worth listening to, she will make you smile WHILE you cry. Check her out:

Long, long ago, in the mountains of Appalachia, she began performing at open mics, in tiny bars, and very late at night. A little scared, a little sweet, and a little girl with a guitar and a glass of whiskey. A little less long, long ago, she was singing and strumming around campfires on beaches and jetties, on docks and in warehouses along the Oregon coast, until the Motor City called her heart back home, and she listened.

Before recording her first solo release, "Hideaway", in 2000, she was playing regularly at festivals, in bars, at coffee shops, and on street corners all over Detroit. Along the way, "The Twilight Babies" were born, and Alison is best known as their lead singer. The Twilight Babies is an electronic band who mixes folk sensibilities with state of the art electronic music- creating a little bit of something that is very special. The Babies have released 3 albums; "If You Want Me To I Could Write It Down", "Middle of Something", and "Monster", and their work has not gone unnoticed- winning a few Detroit Music Awards, including Best Electronic Band, and Best Electronic Album. (check them out at, and also here on Myspace)

Alison Lewis continues to perform very late at night, just as sweet as she wants to be- she may have a little glass of whiskey, she definately has her guitar, but she is a whole lot less scared.

(written by her character wittness...Gracie Jane.)