The Martinis
The Martinis JOEY SANTIAGO was Born in Manila, Philippines and moved to Yonkers New York with his family when he was 7.... He spent most of his childhood in Massachusetts. Son of an Anesthesiologist, he's the third in a family of six boys. Joey is a METS fan and a JETS fan. He went to U-Mass Amherst, where he met Charles Thompson (aka FRANK BLACK and BLACK FRANCIS). He dropped out and co-founded a band called THE PIXIES with Charles Thompson somewhere in Boston. Just like Jewel he's lived in a car, (in the back of Dunkin 'Donuts) when he and Charles first moved to Boston. (Maybe for a night.....but isn't it romantic?????) Joey plays guitar. Joey also composes music for Film and Television. He can be heard in the movie and soundtrack for "CRIME AND PUNISHMENT IN SUBURBIA" Released on September 15th, 2000. Directed by ROB SCHMIDT and has also Composed Music for Fox's UNDECLARED. Joey is represented by Elias Arts.

LINDA MALLARI was born and raised in Woonsocket, Rhode Island. Her Father (Juan, aka Juan de Mal, aka Johnny de Mal) was from Pampanga, Philippines. A true Dr. Huxtebal, practicing medicine for over 30 years. Her Mom (Mary) is Czech from Ohio. Mary heads the International Organization H.O.P.E. which provides relief to those in need in the Philippines. Linda has spent most of her life involved in music and performance in some way or another. As a child she'd sit by her father at the piano and listen to his piano "Inventions", he was self taught in piano and is very passionate about music as well as her mom who would sing and listen to Broadway musicals all about the house. Her 6 siblings are all very talented musicians. (Her brother Jay played in piano bars starting at the age of 16.) Most of the people in her family are health care, travel and design professionals. She was classically trained in Piano and Voice in her early school days. She first learned to play guitar from a nun for 25 cents a lesson, (Sr. Ann Young) in fourth grade at Sacred Heart School, Later to play every Sunday at Children's mass until she graduated high-school. Linda once put on a one man show in fifth grade playing the guitar and riding the unicycle at the same time. She spent her high school days at Mt. St. Charles, home of many Olympian and Professional hockey players throughout the years. She was President of the Beethoven club and Loved watching the Philharmonic where her mom once slipped on a banana peel in front of Ocean State Theater. She has a great sense of humor. Linda won the Helen Spring Chapin Prize at DEAN JR. COLLEGE in Franklin Mass. For Inspiring "deeper appreciation of Music in her class-mates" and minored in Music at Emerson College, where she received a BS degree in Communications concentrating in Television Production. One of her most favorite professors was REX TRAILER (Performance for Television) star of Boomtown. Linda DJ'd at both Emerson's ERS and Dean's WGAO. Joey taught her bar chords for guitar 5 months before the first Martinis performance, never playing rock guitar or having been in a rock band before that time. She has always loved to perform, and has also participated in theatre and jazz and classical music. Linda spent a year traveling throughout the United States and Europe performing with the international group UP WITH PEOPLE, Where she traveled with her friend Denise Burns a very talented comic and web expert. After returning from that tour she sold her first jingle to Digital Equipment Corporation "It takes all kinds. She was the Producer's Assistant for a Video shoot for DEC and wrote a song for fun, consequently singing and playing it for their training video. That was a turning point of inspiration for her as well as funding her first living space in Boston with former Dean graduate Monique (Gelmo) Coppola in a small studio apartment in Boston for her first semester at EMERSON COLLEGE, months later she met Joey in a place called The RAT in Kenmore Square. The Pixies had never played a show before then and it was their common interest in music that sparked a bond between them. Offering to sing back-ups for his band, he declined, telling her they already had a girl in the band, KIM DEAL (Breeders)