GLOAM Song writers who are incidently siblings as well, Fletcher Williams and Olivia Perez started writing songs on a free musical program called Jeskola Buzz in 2000 in hopes of creating some fine tunage. Little did they know they would become the unwitting prey to forces beyond their control, forces that would emanate from the computer program, through Fletcher's guitar and through Olivia's voice as well.

This mysterious force was called twilight. This is the same twilight that informed the famous anthropologist Carlos Casteneda that in this liminal space, this blending of night and day, mysterious things can be percieved and effected. So in the spirit of uniting opposites and bringing to light oppressed psychological, Genderirical, political and magickal states and bringing the mystery of darkness into our everyday world, Olivia started writing the lyrics and Fletcher finished and polished the mixes for the album 'Androgyn' soon to be released. From then on under the moniker of "Gloam" they continued in search of other musicians hoping to bring into complete manifestation for a live show, the songs they had been writing.

They met bassist Brenden Shutt who had recently moved from Clarksville Virginia to Colorado in 2005. After an extensive search for a drummer, one night they happened upon the band Fissure Mystic. Being impressed with their sound, they befriended them. Later, drummer Fernando Garcia would agree to sit in on some of their practices, and soon became their live drummer as well.

Finally, youngest sibling Micheala Perez would agree to add her skills to Gloam by incorporating a live Keyboard and supporting guitar, and in the future songwriting skills for their succeeding project to be titled: "The Woes and the Joys of a Corporeal body"

Gloam is: astromancy, quaking urns, innard exquisite shadows, a floating drummer, a blue face hauntung a keyboard, open mouths at prison doors, an undated tombstone: Silence died here, demuzzling demons, five kids, sisters, brother, friends making music in the magic hour when night slides out of day

Lineup: (Fletcher) Poofox Pyrocraptor MD - Guitar, Keyboard, Programming (Olivia) Omixochitl Perez - Vocals, Programming, Percussion (Brenden) Vadin Schrend Tùbent - Bass (Fernando) Fez the Furry - Live drums (Michaela) Alchemize Reap - Keys and touches