Jabooda Jabooda is an eclectic and talented quartet of musicians who share a passion for mixing and creating diverse genres of music and forming them into original compositions with the goal of creating artistic and amazingly fun atmospheres from one show to the next. Playing different setlists on a nightly basis, no two Jabooda shows are the same. From the arrangements and tempos of their songs to the nightly choices of cover tunes, each Jabooda show offers a plethora of exiting sounds and sights that one can only experience by attending one of their live performances. On any given night, musical blends of rock, reggae, funk, jazz, and experimental improvisations flow from band to audience in a synesthesia of sound which often times produces the unstoppable urge to dance and smile. Between the combination of Nathan Dube on Lead Guitar, Keys and Vocals, Travis Sweeny on bass and vocals, Jonathan Sapaugh on guitars and vocals and the amazingly talented Chuck Shimkus on drums, Jabooda is a force to be seen and more importantly to be heard. Each of these fine musicians have studied privately and have embarked on various educational ventures in music theory, improvisation, composition and other disciplines in the realms of music. Often times the question "what is Jabooda"? is asked by new and old fans alike, but the answer to such a question remains in the minds of the those who attend the bands shows and experience the bands music and personality live and in person. However, when all is said and done Jabooda is simply a great group of professional and yet fun loving musicians who delight in creating quality music for people from all walks of life.