Blue Cheer
Blue Cheer Fathers of metal, ghodfathers of grunge, garage gods, the first ever "loudest band in the world" (the Guinness Book of Records introduced this category esp. For BLUE CHEER), "the single most powerful band I’ve ever seen" (the Doors‘ Jim Morrison about BLUE CHEER); many attributes, one name: BLUE CHEER.

In 1967 they came like a bomb onto the stoned hippie-scene of San Francisco; like a laser-beam salvo from spaceship Enterprise – from outta space they seemed to be. The oh-so-soft love & peace ears started rotating when Dickie Peterson sang his frustration-blues in his whisky-drenched voice, howling more than singing, as if the onesome wilderness of America was roaring, screaming guitars like the industrial steel-mills of the "white" America above and the wardrum beats of the Natives, the wolves of America, underneath, just like a rumbling threat.

BLUE CHEER, an American orgy, where nobody can sit still, as his very own molecules and atoms would start revolting to follow that rebel yell.

No, BLUE CHEER were not representing the middle-class bullshit of the hippie-movement, whose motto "eat flowers and kiss babies" BLUE CHEER turned into "kiss flowers and eat babies"; they represented the heavy bike- and street-gangs: the first biker-band ever!

Their first single "Summertime Blues" topped the charts worldwide; their first album "Vincebus Eruptum". Just as well. Until 1972 almost permanently, they could be found in the charts all over the world, yet, at the same time, remaining absolute cult and underground – until today. Accoprdingly many of the best rock bands worship them as one of their major influence, from Van Halen to Aerosmith, from Motörhead to Danzig, from Soundgarden to Nirvana and from Monster Magnet to Marilyn Manson.

After tremendous success in the USA and many line-up changes – they belong to BLUE CHEER just like the bike to the biker -, Dickie Peterson split up the band in 1974. After playing mainly downhome blues in other bands throughout the years – long before the blues became hip again – Dickie Peterson decided to reform the band due to many requests from musician friends and, especially John Zazula, the head of Megaforce Records in 1984.

A new album followed, "The Beast is Back" , followed in 1984, and several tours, also in Europe for the first time, where BLUE CHEER were received with overwhelming success. Dickie Peterson liked Europe so much that he decided to sign a record deal with European label NIBELUNG RECORDS; the result, the live album "Blitzkrieg over Nüremberg" (1989; line-up: Dickie Peterson – bass, vocals; Duck McDonald – guit.; Dave Salce – drums), an incomparably raw and authentic live Album, next the studio album "Highlights & Lowlives" (1990; line-up: Dickie Peterson – bass, vocals; Duck McDonald – guit.; Paul Whaley - drums), (the album, that Dickie Peterson claimed to be the best BLUE CHEER album ever, in an interview with the Record Collector magazine, and another studio album, the excitingls heavy "Dining with the Sharks" (1992; line-up: Dickie Peterson – bass, vocals; Paul Whaley – drums; Dieter Saller – guit.; spec. Guest: Tony McPhee – slide guit.)), with German star guitarist Dieter Saller.

Extensive touring followed,all over Europe; but, due to the enormous tour stress, Dickie Peterson split up the band again in 1994, yet only to reform it for a few shows in Japan in 1999.

Meanwhile Dickie Peterson, who has been living in Cologne, where he is married to a German "Fräulein", ever since he came to Europe, is thinking of reforming the and on a more permanent basis, with, according to Dickie, the best BLUE CHEER line-up ever, with Dickie Peterson on bass and vocals, Paul Whaley on drums and Ducke McDonald on guitars and backing vocals.

The best of luck to him.

On the record there are several outtakes from the Nibelung Sessions to be released shortly; and also the very rare, and especially in the USA much sought after, Nibelung releases will be back in the stores.

And, in 2004, the world will see BLUE CHEER’S first ever DVD release of concert BLUE CHEER played in 1989 oat the Anti-Nuclear-Powerplant-Festival in Wackersdorf/Germany, where BLUE CHEER had the honour to be the last playing on the very last one of this series of succesful festivals which helped stop the building of the plant. History again.