Peacefield "Alternative Folk Rock with a Conscience"

That's the way some critics have described the music of Peacefield. The crowd at their shows would also attest that it's a danceable, earthy, raw blend of rock, country and folk.

During the summer of 1989, Don Glatz was living on tiny Block Island off the coast of Rhode Island and started playing in the local scene. After coming home to Pittsburgh, PA, Don joined with his brother Jeff, and as a tribute to those days on Block Island, they chose their name from a combination of two tiny southern New England towns named Peacedale and Wakefield.

Peacefield began playing local shows in the Pittsburgh area building a loyal following and encouraged by early positive feedback from local entertainment writers. After a four song demo EP instantly sold out, Peacefield set out to record their first full length CD entitled Narragansett (Green Sun Records). Critics were almost unanimous in their praise calling it a major winner and destined to be an indie classic. A song from the CD, Circle Spin, was selected for Guide Wire Radio, which highlights unsigned artists and broadcasts nationwide.

The CD opened some doors and Peacefield gained attention by playing shows with 10,000 Maniacs, early Goo Goo Dolls, Vigilantes of Love and receiving airplay on radio stations in Pittsburgh, Washington DC, Cleveland Ohio, and New York to name a few.

Peacefield's follow up CD, Curse's & Calamity; (King Mouse Records), was produced by Mike Ofca and Greg Joseph of the Clarks (MCA) records. Two songs before the project was even released were featured nationally; Little Mistress, was in a PBS special entitled Class of 2000 and Warmer Side of the Street was in the cult comedy hit Kingpin starring Woody Harrelson and Bill Murray.

In late 2006, Peacefield formed a new Texas lineup and relocated to the Texas Hill Country, just outside of San Antonio, TX. The new, seasoned lineup features Chris Livingstone on drums, rocker A.J. Abbott on lead guitar and mandolin, and Jesse Cravens on bass. The new members of Peacefield have collectively played all over the Unites States, Canada, and Europe. This is, by far, Peacfield's greatest lineup to date.

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