Emiko Indulging a rare breed of rock n roll of the biggest kind, Emiko is a sensitive and introspective songwriter. Notwithstanding, this girl lives up to the rock legends as a trailblazer who sings, plays keys, takes her own solos, and is unafraid to say what others only dare to think. Having played piano since she was two, Emiko has transformed from classical pianist prodigy to rock and roll starlet. Her latest release, Here Lies Tinkerbell (OA Entertainment) features both mature, musical expertise along with an adventurous, rock esthetic through wails on the B3 organ, funky licks on the clav, Wurly solos, and melodic whirls that Beethoven would drool over . Emiko’s intense, bold lyrics investigate and lament over love, heartbreak, frustration and fear in ways that make her listeners not only move and groove to the music, but also react and relate on a much deeper emotional level.