Spank Spank was formed in the spring of 2004 when bass player Casey Newell and guitarist Nick Doe were competing in their high school's battle of the bands, though their history goes back much further than the first Spank show. Matt, Casey, and Reed all went to the same elementary school and Lutheran church in their hometown of Canyon Lake where they all met guitarist, Nick Doe.

While developing a musical relationship throughout high school, Casey Newell's older brother Reed and long-time friend Matt Cain were asked to help create a band to compete in Smithson Valley High School's Battle of the Bands competition, which they performed and won with no material (it was a 30 minute jam). The result was a sound that seemed to flow out of the moment, heavily oriented in a jam/groove feeling. Since then the band has composed 20 original songs which draw on the members' various collective influences.

Fans often compare Spank to bands like Phish, King Crimson, Umphrey's McGee, The Allman Brothers, Primus, moe., and the Grateful Dead. The foursome sets itself apart by maintaining a jam-friendly, organic sound amidst heavy and through-composed prog-like textures. Spank has worked to consistently bring fresh material to the table for a steadily growing fanbase and continues to grow through epic live shows and boundary pushing improvisational funk-prog-rock.