The Connells
The Connells Emerging from the famed "meat packing district" of Raleigh, NC in 1984, The Connells soon distinguished themselves as one of that city's dozen or so most enviro-friendly bands for their early efforts at recycling (trash and music). From there the boys launched a career that would take them from the 150 capacity clubs of Raleigh to similarly-sized venues stretching from Bozeman to Budapest. It was in these dingy, smoke-filled dives that they uncovered the secret to living healthy while on the road - always insisting on reduced sodium nacho chips along with the 3 cases of beer and 2 fifths of liquor that they received every night. The band, always noted for being well-mannered and polite, have attained new heights of civility in the past few years, having had nothing but positive things to say publicly about certain critics and their record company of 12 years, with whom they parted company in 1999. Now (and none too soon), The Connells emerge from hibernation with "Old-School Dropouts", an 11 song self-release sure to allay any concerns that the boys might be the figurative "step slower" than they were in the past. (The band hastens to note that the word "Old" in the title modifies "School" and in no way refers to the band members themselves). Adroitly side-stepping the dreaded "sophomore slump" (the band consider all previous releases "of a piece", hence constituting a single work), The Connells have assembled a collection of catchy numbers that lovingly laugh at the pitfalls and perils of human existence, while answering the more mundane question of how the individual is to remain sane in an insane world.