Abstract Rude
Abstract Rude As a product of the Los Angeles underground rap scene and front man of his group Abstract Tribe Unique, Abstract Rude first made a name for himself by regularly attending the legendary Goodlife Café open mic sessions circa ‘94. His unique style and distinct voice quickly won him favor with other talented wordsmiths such as Freestyle Fellowship and Aceyalone, with whom Rude would later go on to co-executive produce the classic compilation Project Blowed. The groundbreaking album showcased Abstract Rude as a skillful MC capable of expressing soulful sentiments with his mystical themes and deeply pronounced baritone. In addition to highlighting the artistic creativity of an LA scene known for its gangster rap, Abstract Rude (and Aceyalone – A-Team) co-founded Project Blowed workshop, the longest running open mic youth workshop in the world! One of hip-hop's most accessible healers, Ab Rude has endeared himself to fans worldwide through consistent touring and releasing of quality LPs such as P.A.I.N.T in 2001, and Showtyme! in 2003. Most comfortable fronting the atmospheric sounds provided by producer Fat Jack on albums such as Underground Fossils in 1997, Mood Pieces in 1998 and South Central Thynk Tank in 1999, Abstract Rude proved that clarity in rap is just as impressive as complexity. His work on the Haiku d'etat projects in 2000 and 2004, which merged hip-hop with jazzy soul, only further illustrated his music’s diversity and ability to capture listeners of various genres. All in all, Abstract Rude is an artist that both your grandmother and your little brother could appreciate; an artist that both your girlfriend & your hardcore b-boys will get into. Having run the gamut of label affiliations, from being completely independent to being signed to Capitol's Grand Royal to being independent again by way of Battleaxe, Abstract Rude has found appropriate homes for his next projects via Project Blowed Recordings & Rhymesayers Entertainment; A-Team’s 2006 album titled Who Reframed The A-Team? – Also, Abstract Rude’s upcoming album titled Dear Abbey…the lp produced by Vitamin D, both are further proof that Abstract Rude is a true lyrical heavyweight.