Haiku d'etat
Haiku d'etat Haiku d'etat is a rap group/side project comprised of 3 artists: Aceyalone & Myka 9 of the Freestyle Fellowship (FF) and Abstract Rude of Abstract Tribe Unique (ATU). The trio was 1st heard together on their '00 debut self titled release. Offering a jazzy, yet soulful mix of some live musical elements with the bold, socio-conscious lyrics came to define the meaning of the group's name: a poetry takeover. Since the 1st album's release to critical acclaim, a new Haiku album entitled COUP DE THEATRE was released in October '04. That time around the triumvirate reunited as seasoned veterans with a more enlightened perspective on what they wanted to convey as a group. Realizing each others strengths they took their rightful roles on this new album to achieve an incredible blend of Mikah the JAZZ, Acey the POET & Ab the SOUL. Late 2004 found Haiku teamed up with Hieroglyphics Posse & Zion I for the CaliComm Tour, which resulted in a Cali Comm 04 compilation lp/dvd. 2005 was a year to work on the Project Blowed 10yr anniversary comp + solo records (Ab Rude has finally finished his latest, REJUVENATION coming May 5th on Rhymesayers Ent.) All 3 members of Haiku d'etat have thriving solo careers which kept them busy in 2008 on tour and in the studio.