High Beamz
High Beamz Based out of the San Francisco Bay Area, Z has been performing all over the west coast from Seattle to San Diego. His last 6 years have been spent touring and recording with Five Eyed Hand who has released 2 albums and has performed at numerous events including High Sierra Music Festival, Harmony Festival, Bobolink and Las Tortugas.

Z has had the pleasure of performing with Garaj Mahal, Bernie Worrell (Talking Heads), James Whiton (EMT, Tom Waits), Gail Muldrow (Sly & The Family Stone), New Monsoon, Izabella, Peter Grant, Afro Funk, Kate Gaffney, Eric McFadden, Monophonics, Liam Hanrahan (Zero), Martin Jones (The Mermen), Aaron Redner (HBR), Scott Law, Joe Kyle Jr. (Waybacks) and Chris Haugen (Jambay). Recently, Z contributed his talents to The Africa Project, a charity to support African education featuring many all-star musicians from 3 countries. He is playing at a benefit concert featuring many of these musicians at Ashkenaz in Berkeley on Sept 16th 2011

When not performing with Five Eyed Hand, for the last couple years, Z has been working on his project High Beamz. High Beamz is comprised of an assortment of talented (mostly) Bay Area musicians with the one constant being Z on guitar. The band primarily plays instrumental music with many originals and some cover songs. Z will be touring with High Beamz up and down the west coast to promote his new album.

All of Z's past releases as well as other tour dates and information are available on his new website www.Zportalmusic.com. Free downloads of past High Beamz shows are available on Archive.org.

Chris Zanardi, "Z", the guitar player for Five Eyed Hand, has released a new album, "Transmissions". The album was recorded from 2009-2011 in various studios with an assortment of top notch musicians contributing to each track. Co-produced by Z and Agent 19, Transmissions features a wide array of instrumental compositions with many different textures and instruments that take the listener on a soaring ride from start to finish. The mastering of Transmissions was done by legendary engineer Cookie Marceno at OTR studios

In addition to Z on guitar (and other instruments), Transmissions features a super star lineup of musicians including: Eric Levy on keyboards (Garaj Mahal, Night Ranger); Asher Fulero on keyboards (Everyone Orchestra, Halo Refuser); Cecil "P'nut" Daniels on midi horns (special guest w/Widespread Panic); Mark "Murph" Murphy on bass (Izabella, Huckle); Derek Bodkin on drums (Five Eyed Hand, Hovering Breadcat); Jamey Brill on drums (Somethingfour); Jae Hendrickson on drums (Seconds On End, Bacon); Robbie Planting on guitar (Bacon); Jeb Taylor on bass (Five Eyed Hand); Mikey "The Fiddler" Henderson on electric violin (Five Eyed Hand); Adam Huntress on drums and bass (Hallway Ballers); Andrew Ferren on saxophone (Doctor Oscillator); Mo Sardella on drums (Sol Rising) and Sam Flot doing spoken word on "Mayan Ruins" (Gazelles).

A video of the album's track "Inchworm" featuring Eric Levy, Mark "Murph" Murphy, and Mo Sardella was filmed and edited by award-winning videographer Dan Friedman (Bob Weir's TRI Studios) and is available on YouTube. The album itself is available both digitally and in hard copy from a variety of sources on Z's website where he encourages folks to step into "ZPortal"