Aura Satori
Aura Satori Forming in the fall of 2006 in Menomonie, WI, Aura Satori blends the sounds of progressive rock, blues, jazz, and funk. Aura Satori is primarily focused on the live experience, providing a unique and truly artistic experience for every show. A repertoire of tightly wirtten songs, combined with what can best be described as flow-based jams, Aura Satori is keen on keeping improvisation a factor in almost every song. Playing more and more often around Midwestern Wisconsin, developing a tightly nit local fan base is very important to each member. The band consists of primary song writer lead guitar player and vocalist Nick Foytik, drummer and vocalist Beau Brantner, funky bass player Jason Aarts, and keyboardist and vocalist Marc Rassel. Ambitious aspirations for the future are under way so be sure to check Aura Satori at a venue near you.