El Perro Del Mar
El Perro Del Mar El Perro del Mar was founded in December 2003 in Gothenburg, Sweden. The sole member of El Perro del Mar, Sarah, initially started as an mp3/cdr-artist and released her first songs through the Swedish label Hybris. In November 2004 El Perro del Mar released the three-track EP 'What's New? El perro del mar' which included the songs 'This Loneliness, 'It's all good' and 'I can't talk about it'. She also worked together with Swedish Jens Lekman and together they released a split vinyl single on which Sarah contributed with the song 'Shake it off'. The single was available in Sweden and in the US via Jens' American label Secretly Canadian - it was quickly sold out. El Perro del Mar also went on a short tour in Sweden accompanying Jens around this time. In Spring 2005 a compilation album of all the earlier released tracks, 'Look! It's El Perro del Mar', was released in Sweden. The following summer El Perro del Mar did quite a few live performances around Sweden for an artist who doesn't particurlarly enjoy performing live. In the late summer and fall of 2005 she worked on a new EP which was to be released in November 2005. The EP was entitled 'You Gotta Give To Get' and included the three songs 'God Knows - You gotta give to get', 'Do The Dog' and 'Say'. In Spring 2006 the self entitled album was released in the UK and Europe on the British label Memphis Industries. During Spring and Summer 2006 El Perro del Mar has been playing around Europe, accompanying beautiful acts such as Calexico, José Gonzalez and the Concretes. On the 7th of November the self entitled album will be released in the US by Seattle based label The Control Group. The same album will also be released in Australia/New Zealand on the 4th of November and in the rest of Scandinavia in October by Hybris/Playground.