Zili Misik
Zili Misik Zili music bridges cultures, generations, and continents. With captivating sounds that evoke the African continent, zili retraces routes of forced exile and cultural resistance through diasporic rhythm and song. Powerful Haitian, Brazilian and West African rhythms infuse zili's original creations and traditional folksongs, while zili inspires its audiences to dance and even teaches them how. Reconnecting Haitian mizik rasin, jazz, roots reggae, samba, Cuban son, and neo soul, zili honors its influences while creating a sound that is uniquely its own. All female, zili takes its name from Haitian spiritual entity, Ezili, who is envisaged as mother, lover, and warrior. Zili's songs are sensual, political, self-reflective, positive, and invoke love. Zili's lyrics glide seamlessly from English to KreyĆ²l to Portuguese to Spanish, spinning tales and visions of lives lived and yet to be.