Bombadil Welcome to the world of Bombadil. Not middle-earth, but a land of great splendor and lovely music. A world of thieves and foolish children, peace and happy afternoons, one that will show you places you’ve never been, all the while warming you like your mother’s home cooking.

Hear how they use the classic setup of piano, guitar, drums, and bass guitar in long lost and completely new ways, but then also how they vary their palette with xylophones, organs, accordions, and trombones. See the fruits of three different songwriters, each providing a fresh perspective that displays a different scene in their world.

Or just sit back and enjoy, because that is what music is made for. Pour a glass of jellybean wine, explore your left-handed thoughts, introduce yourself to our friend Johnny, then lie in the tall grass and smoke your Andean pipe. Allow this record to take you back to a new place, one that will surely bring you a smile and many friends for a long time to come.