Chittlin' She's country. She's indie rock, She's folk and soul. She's all of them and none of them. Chittlin's sweet sound is at once haunting and soothing; a blend of different styles that results in a very unique brand of music, which she dubs "Alt. Music."

Chittlin' is making a name for herself by being distinct. While most musicians rush to place themselves in a cozy category, She went ahead and carved her own. Weather its delivering a mesmerizing "classic country" tinged balled on her guitar, or stomping out an "indie rock" anthem on her banjo, Chittlin' writes and performes with a sensitivity, rawness, and confidence well beyond her years.

Growing up in a musical household, Chittlin' found her flair for music early on. She was performing with her family band "One Way Rider" by age 8, and today plays the bass, guitar, and banjo. Currently she still tours with her family, playing rhythm guitar and singing lead and harmony vocals. She is also a member of the popular all female group "Poontwang". But to truly understand Chittlin' is to see her in her element. Presenting her own original material solo, or with minimal accompaniment. -David Mayfield