L.A. Guns
L.A. Guns L.A. Guns started in 1982 as a straightup dirty ass rock n roll band. The band was put together by Tracii Guns in his last year of high school.

The band has had some noteable members such as Axl Rose, Phillip Lewis and Jizzy Pearl, but continues today with band members Paul Black (singer), Jeremy Guns (Bass), Chad Stewart (Drums), and of course Tracci Guns (Guitar).

L.A. Guns has been a work in progress without an end in sight, continually touring and of course writing and recording a huge variety of rock n roll sounds. Some people believe that L.A. Guns may be the last true rock n roll band that hasn't had to rely on outside writers or the help of corporate funding to have continued success.

The success of this band is solely dictated by the loving, intelligent, and hell raising fans!

Live by the Guns, Die by the Guns