Stephen Pearcy
Stephen Pearcy  As the founder and lead singer of the popular rock band RATT, STEPHEN PEARCY led his band to multi-platinum success for over a decade.

Best known for their hit single "ROUND & ROUND" & the bands album "OUT OF THE CELLAR", (which became a triple platinum hit) catapulted them to multiple world tours (1984-1991) selling out stadiums & arenas.

During the career of RATT, the band had played over one thousand shows & sold 18 million records worldwide before disbanding in 1991.

Post RATT, Stephen began to explore other avenues including starting a new band called ARCADE in 1992 (with friend and Cinderella drummer FRED COURY) that signed to EPIC Records. Throughout the next few years following ARCADE Stephen stayed busy releasing "Before & Laughter" on Triple X Records in 2000 and then finished putting together his own record label - Top Fuel Records.

2002 brought the release of his first solo album "SOCIAL INTERCOURSE" on his own Top Fuel Records label. Stephen's second highly anticipated release of his new album "FUELER" has a street date of May 10th, 2005.

The first single from FUELER, "Drive With Me", has been well received by his fans and the drag racing community, particularly as the new single is the theme song for The National Hot Rod Associations (NHRA) weekly drag racing show on ESPN. This collaboration with ESPN & NRHA has also been brought to the track directly where the song, video and likeness of Stephen Pearcy is very prevalent on race days. Additional press & interviews about FUELER can be read or heard in the current Spin Magazine, the nationally broadcasted radio shows of Eddie Trunk, Opie & Anthony and on major market rock radio stations.