Capital Zen
Capital Zen Forged in the PCB-laden waters of the Hudson River, Capital Zen's minds and music have mutated beyond genre classification. They keep their audience on their feet time and time again with explosively danceable, yet edgy and addictive grooves – not to mention a keen sense of surprise!

Capital Zen breaches thresholds, from inciting paranoia to the quest for life's "undo" button. No matter the dire outlook of Mayan Prophecies or the sugar-coated gumdrop tales of Utopianism, Capital Zen doesn't try to think for you - rather, they ask you to look within and question what is real and what is right.

So, turn your light on, stop making the same mistakes and let go the stranglehold of a reality TV-induced status quo…because when you're hangin' with CZ, livin' is easy!

Capital Zen has rocked the Northeast since 2006, playing such venues as Nectar's, Revolution Hall, Northern Lights, The Electric Company, Red Square, The Monopole, and many more. Crowd control duties have been shared with many excellent groups, including Rustic Overtones, Beduin Soundclash, Into The Presence (feat. Tim Alexander of Primus), U-Melt, The Breakfast, Lynch (feat. members of Conehead Buddha and moe.), and Lucid. Capital Zen has even hosted an Umphrey's McGee after-party at Copperfield's in Boston!

With the recent release of their debut album and new material being brewed at all times, they are continually looking to spread their music to new audiences. Going to a Capital Zen show is not at all unlike rubbing dryer sheets on a 3-day-old pair of socks…funky fresh!