Guilty Simpson
Guilty Simpson Detroit mc raised in the trenches of Detroit hiphop! I've worked with numerous Detroit HipHop legends..........J Dilla, Almighty Dreadnaughtz, Slum Village,B R Gunnaz, Fat Killahz, Obie Trice, D12, New World Hustle, Da Phear, Cysion, Paradime, BlackMilk, Trick Trick, AML, Dabrye, HouseShoes, Wasted Youth, Bareda, Ronnie Cash, Waajeed,................I could go on all day! Also ive been blessed enough to work outside of the city with some heavyweights in the HipHop game such as Madlib and a few more to be named in the near future!!!!!! Peace to Stonethrow my new home!!! Its time for Hiphop to resurface with true lyrics..........not that BULLSHIT that's on the radio!! Be on the lookout for my Untitled album coming soon Executive produced by Denaun Porter of D12!!!(You have no idea how much trouble that smells like!!)R.I.P J Dilla and BIG PROOF two of my brothers that I had to pleasure of knowin and workin with! U WILL 4EVER BE MISSED!!!