The Moose Convention
The Moose Convention Since forming in 2003, The Moose Convention has captivated audiences with stimulating live performance and its dedication to original songs and compositions. Influenced by many different styles of music, this self-proclaimed "quirky rock band," can shift from rock to bluegrass to jazz to epic instrumental without missing a beat.

The duo of Asher Willens (guitar) and Brian Eisenberg (drums), were brought together by their mutual friend, Moose. After hours of endless jam sessions, and in tribute to the man who allowed their paths to cross, The Moose Convention was born.

With David Kaufman on keys and Ami Kozak on bass, The Moose Convention features versatile musicians from diverse backgrounds.

Taking a grass roots approach, The Moose Convention hopes to build its reputation and a loyal following playing inspired original music and crowd-pleasing covers. Venues played this year include Station 171 and Spike Hill in Brooklyn, and P&G Pub and Sullivan Hall in Manhattan.

Bonded by the "universal musical language," and influenced by bands and artists of numerous genres (The Talking Heads, The Beatles, Duke Ellington, Eric Clapton, Frank Zappa, The Allman Brothers Band, Jerry Garcia, Phish, and others), The Moose Convention has developed a unique sound that is truly their own.