The Law
The Law The Law is a 5 piece band from Narragansett, RI that mixes elements of Rock, Blues, Funk, Soul, Traditional Country and Hip-Hop into a nasty stew of foot stomping aural expression. Members of The Law have recorded with or opened for Del Tha Funkee Homosapien, Ziggy Marley and the Melody Makers, John Cafferty and the Beaver Brown Band, Akrobatik, Max Creek, Kool Keith, Mr. Lif, Rustic Overtones, Blackalicious, Talib Kwali, Sage Francis, The Radiators, Everclear, Funk Nugget, Virtuoso and Badfish.

The Law was formed in May of 2006 when Bassist/Producer Low B and Turntablist/Poet Andy Minty began the recordings of what would eventually be The Law EP. Deciding that these songs were really unique and very worthy of being played out, they recruited vocalist Amber Bettez and guitarists Mike Schiavone and Andy Van Hemilreijk. Landing a weekly gig at The Ocean Mist all summer long forced the band to write and practice almost incessantly. After a number of member changes on Drums and Keyboards and a number of gigs all over New England, The Law finally took its final form with the addition of Guitarist Max Sherman (Former OJC member), drummer Kevin (Entrain Sound man) and Percussionist Ed Hauser (Former Uncle Everett member) in the Winter of 2008.

Presently The Law is finishing up work on their first LP titled “Burning the Ghost”. It will be released in the Summer of 2009 and it will contain 15 songs. A North East tour in support of the album is presently in the works.